30. H. sapiens were able to settle in such diverse habitats. Give reasons and rationale.

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Return to History 8 Human Origins Concepts H. sapiens have been able to expand their frontiers to all terrestrial environments around the world for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, H. sapiens are both hunters and gatherers, and the resource of food can essentially keep them alive for an extended period of time. Furthermore, fire has enabled humans to adapt to various cold climates. Humans are able to utilize their abstract thinking to provide solutions to the problem at hand, rather than mere instinctual reactions (building shelter, creating languages.) H. sapiens modify their environment with technology to make said location more habitable, like current people have done today with air conditioning and water filters.Moreover, the remaining group of H. sapiens who survived the drought were few yet the absolute most fit, with a multitude of biological adaptations. Some biological responses to environment change include genetic change (over short/long periods of time) and acclimatization, process where organism is able to survive through the change in environment.


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