List and explain any inventions from the Early Bronze Age to the Iron Age

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Early Bronze Age

  • Pottery technology developed in Canaan around 3300 - 1950 BCE.
    • The potter's wheel came into common use.
    • Methods for firing wares were better controlled.
  • Metal weapons and tools were created by artisans.
    • N.B. Despite the term "Bronze Age", the metal used to make these tools was copper.

Middle Bronze Age

  • For the first time, palaces were built in the largest settlements.
    • Around 1950 BCE
    • These palace-towns controlled nearby villages and competed for power.
    • Period of great wealth and strong self-government
  • Paved streets with right angles were now built inside the large scale cities
    • 'orthogonal' town planning
  • Weapons of the warriors were now made of bronze.
    • Bronze is an alloy of copper with 5-10% tin (imported from Afghanistan)
  • New weapons were now used
    • Duckbill axe, the narrow, chisel-shaped axe, and a leaf-shaped dagger with a wooden handle and a stone pommel
    • "Carp’s Tongue Sword" was used for slashing and stabbing
    • The socketed axe had an axehead firmly attached to its haft
    • Weapons now made harder and stronger
  • The chariot was also used in battle at this time
    • One of the most useful weapons in Bronze Age warfare


Late Bronze Age

In the Late Bronze Age, there were few, if any, inventions. This is mainly because Canaan had joined the international community and was now ruled under Egypt. City rulers were required to be educated in Egypt and trained to be loyal to the Pharaoh. This changed the entire social society.

Iron Age I

After 1200 BCE, Egypt's rule in Canaan collapsed.

  • New patterns of settlement and lifestyle
  • New ethnic and political identities


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